Thursday, May 24, 2007

Strangers In Paradise, 1993-2007

How can it really be almost over?14 years!

14 years Terry Moore has been writing a storya story that has brought me and many others so much joy, tears, love, craziness, oh boy!how i will miss them all. Francine, Katchoo..they stole my heart so quickly.

I bought my first issue - THE first issue in 1994 at Comic Attitudes in New Brunswick, New Jersey.I was with Joyce, and she noticed the cover. I bought it and fell in love withe the story. i've read every issue, religiously since. these characters have interested me more than any fiction, ever. Francine reminded me so much of myself.

i wished to find my own Katchoo, that wild, artistic little woman who who sweep me off my feet and be my best friend. i wished for my own David as well. but i found my own true love just by being a fan of this story. my default icon has been Francine for a long time. When Mike first saw me post in our friend Gina's journal, he commented on my great icon and the rest is history. we even went to meet Terry Moore in Baltimore together and even he called our story a great love story. coming from him it was a great compliment as i feel he's written one of the best love stories ever.

if you have never read this book, it has been relased in 'pocket books" once the final issue is out next month there will be 6 all together. i recommend it so much i don't know how to express it.

one thing i just noticed with glee is that the art on the cover of the last issue is a re-do of the first issue cover. so awesome:



*sigh* i'm going to miss them. i'm glad that i can visit them anytime though :)i look forward to sharing it with Cass one day.
thanks for reading!