Monday, June 28, 2010

hi, i'm Jenne.


Epic is the name of the song that just started on the radio. Well, not the radio, but the stream. Epic is a word i don’t use often, but I like when people use it to describe a win or a fail.

I also like when the spell check understand what I tried to type when my brain spells it backwards. I right click, and lo and behold, the correct spelling is RIGHT THERE, even though it didn't look close to the original word.

Your faith walks on broken glass...

My faith in certain things and situations and people has been on the fence at times but somehow i find my way. i draw my faith from different paths i’ve taken. I like my life this was. I like ME this way. the bits that don’t fit properly may find their was one day, but even if they don’t, I’ll handle it!

I finally watched the movie 500 Days of Summer. I was excited to watch it because i’d heard it was good. I liked the way the movie was made; i liked the way it looked. I had a hard time with the story. It hit a bit too close to home in some ways. It brought back some heartache i’d had in the past that i’d worked so hard to remove from my brain. I did not like revisiting it, because that part of my life was hard. I mean, i’m over it at this point in my life, but it felt like someone was trying to reopen a wound that had healed so long ago. But damn, a flash mob dance sequence to a Hall and Oates song made the rest of the movie dealable.

My name is Jenne. I want to write about stuff and when i do, i’ll do it here. Thanks for joining me on this journey.