Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bill Foronjy Jr.

Dear Bill,
(aka Mister Huh, Bippy, HEH!)

Every year we had the best birthday phone calls. we always tried to be around each other within that month and 2 days between our days of birth. i feel that one of the reasons Mike came into my life to because the plan was you would leave this world before me and now i have 9-11 to celebrate my husband.

Another thing is that it is so hard to look at your face or listen to our songs or watch a video and NOT smile. all you did was make me smile, or help me feel better.

after reading Dad's memories of your actual Birth Day, i laughed. you know what I remember about that day? that everyone was acting CRAZY, that Grandma Claire was there and brought me a plastic bowling set. i thought that was pretty awesome.

i remember your 6th birthday because it was MOm and Daddy Jack's wedding day. you helped Grandpa K give mom away, in your cool little suit. you gave her the biggest hug! After the wedding, when the wedding cake was served, they brought out another cake - FUDGIE THE WHALE!!!!! you were SO PSYCHED! you were a little sad that the wedding was on your birthday but you got over it ;) that's the kind of guy you always were! i also remember you, me and PAtrice drinking from the champange fountain. we were so naughty.

this morning as i took the T to work, playing my ipod the first song that came on my random shuffle? "Bartender' by Dave Matthews. it as followed by 10 or so songs that we both loved and sang together. it was so freakY! i cried in front of all the commuters. who cares? then i'm waiting for the connecting train, and i see a dude in a faded Yankees hat! not 5 minutes later a guy in a 'Don't make me go WALKEN on you!" HOW FREAKING WEIRD!

you always know how to find me Billy.

Happy birthday to my frist friend, my forever friend. The greatest brother and one of the BEST people i have ever known.

Thank you for being born. i love you and miss you more than i could ever express.

jenne (aka Miss Huh/Jeppy/Slangho)

PS - i'm so mad i can't tease you about "37!" today! ("in a row??")

(Cassidy, Jenne, Bill and Gannon - 11.07)