Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Love is the best part of the day"

Bill and his fabulous wife, Jenny
Michael and I
Both of those pics were taken at Fenway Park in Boston, Ma.

Today is the birthday of two of the most important men in my life!i think it is so great that by brother Billy and my Husband, Mike have the same birthday.The fact that it is on a date when a lot fo people will be remembering lost loved ones and a broken city is hard, but i refuse to not celebrate these two special men.

My brother is one of my best friends and someone who has stuck by me through thick and thin. when the world was against me. When i felt like everyone was judging me and when i was going through the worst times in my mind, Billy was there. He is a constant love and a good man. i am so proud to call him Brother. HEH ZEEEE BIPPY HUH!

Mike is a person i'd never thought i'd find. my soulmate. the man i have searched for for a long time. the one that i dreamed of. his good heart, sweet nature and beautiful soul has found me and i have never been happier in a relationship. He is a wonderful husband and father and makes every day brighter.

i feel sad but i am feeling better. ups and downs. weights and balances. it's called life. for the first time in my life, these things are no longer confusing to me. they still hurt, but my brain sees them more clearly.

i hope your days are filled with love, dear readers.



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