Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Things of late, in bullets!

  • Cassidy, Patrice and I went to IKEA this past Saturday. Cassidy saw a baby with a mole and said ‘Mama, that baby has a boo boo!’, and i said ‘no honey, that is a mole or a beauty mark’. Upon hearing this, she started yelling ‘MOLE! MOLE!’ and pointing at the baby. I pushed the cart as fast as i could to get away while saying ‘Cass, don’t say that please’ and she said ‘ok. We ran into them 3 more times and Cass would whisper ‘Mama, that baby does NOT have a boo boo’.

  • I am currently wearing my gloves while typing because it is FRIGGIN COLD and they don’t have proper heat in this area of our building. They keep making excuses and complained about the space heaters we had. I suggested we all buy Snuggies and charge them to our work account.

  • I am uncomfortable with one of the people Facebook keeps suggesting i add. Everytime i see this jerk’s face i yearn to pummel him with fists of Jenne fury. I want to say “FACEBOOK!!! Stop suggesting i add that giant ass candle dickwad!”
  • When i wrote ‘dickwad’ above, it made me think of Bill or Ted (of the Excellent Adventures) yelling ‘you medieval dickweed!!’ I also enjoy that i added dickwad and dickweed to my Word dictionary.

  • At work i am ‘Jenne’ but 70% of my co workers write my name as Jen or Jenn. My feet are now really cold too.

  • Cassidy heard speed metal for the first time yesterday. We were listening to the WFNX morning show on the way to daycare and they were playing bits from some new music releases. One band was called “Lamb Of God’ and the music started. I looked at Cass and her eyes grew wide and she started singing along with it like this “RAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!” and kinda banging her head. They stopped it and started playing something from the Jonas Brothers movie soundtrack and she said ‘ Mama, can they play the RAAAAH Monster Music again?’ my brother would be proud. We used to love moshing in our house to that kind of stuff years ago and freaking out Mom.

  • I’m still tired and still waiting on test results but thankful for a really great husband who is so encouraging, helpful and kind. Having hugs from him every day makes a lot of crap very very bearable. Not to mention all the great things he does and says.

  • Thanks, Husband Man. xox

PS: Cassidy Says "What you talkin bout, WILLIS?!?"


Meridith said...

OMG, that little girl of yours... I could hear her voice in my head. LOL

I'm curious, which dickwad does Facebook keep suggesting you add?

Jamie said...


I always think of MST3K when I hear the word dickweed.
Once, Crow T. Robot called someone a dickweed.

Yayyy.. for Metal-Cass!

I can't wait to meet her.

I love you Jenne.