Friday, May 2, 2008

It’s Thursday. When i was in high school some one had been sent home from school because they had a T shirt on that read Sure Happy It’s Thursday. The first letter of each word as MUCH bigger that the rest. Ahem.

My tummy is still in this giant fight with me about eating. I guess that is ok because they new medicine i will be taking for diabetes will be slowing the emptying of my stomach and I’m already not eating the amount i was 2 weeks ago from The Virus. We’ll know more soon. I hope this new medicine works well. I’m doing everything they are telling me to so we’ll see what happens. It may end up with me in an outpatient weight loss program at the hospital. I wish i worked at the hospital itself because they have a gym on site we could use, but i am looking into the one in the Longwood medical area.

I will be going out tonight i think Michael said it was the “banquet” at Bowling League, but also he will be at Apple all day and needs his bowling gear so i will pack up Cass and head over there for the evening. It will be good to see people.

Saturday is Free Comic Book day and Sunday the Walk For Hunger. In between i will do some cleaning and some planning for Bad Patty’s surprise party. I have lots of FUN this month. Much needed. After this weekend:

8th – Barenaked Ladies in store in Framingham with Cassidy.
9th – Chris Trapper at the Natick center for the Arts
10th – Best Music Poll concert with Death Cab and the PRESIDENTS!
11th – Mommie’s Day. no actual plans yet but it’s a day for da moms.
16th – go to CT for the celebration weekend - Gia marries Justin YAY!
17th – the aforementioned wedding!
24th – Earthfest starring CAKE!!
29th – RENT with Bad Patty, Patrice, Colleen and Jenny
30th - Dinner with friends in NY
31st - Bad Patty’s Surprise Party!

Today i believe is HAMMY’S birthday. Is it?
6th is Bad Patty’s birthday and Colleen and Wayne’s 3 year anniversary. Their wedding was the day that my family found out that Mike and I were going to be parents – because Bad Patty got drunk and told the world she was going to be a grandma. :)
13th ( i think)is my sister Nicole’s 22 birthday
15th is my stepmom Diane’s birthday. I am not sure what her age is. But it’s not too much older than me!
28th is MER
29th is Dad

I might be breaking up with regular Law and Order. Jesse L Martin left the show and i am not happy about it. I already miss Jerry Orbach (Lenny Briscoe for ever!) and Jesse had something special about him. Besides cuteness and being the original Tom Collins from RENT and i met him. He was a great character, i really liked the new partner he had. LOST is still awesome, as is The Office. I’ve been watching American Idol, and i still think David Cook is pretty cool. He rocks. I even downloaded some of his songs from itunes. i had a personal Top Three (Cook, Michael Johns and Carly) from Auditions week and all three were in the top ten!! So maybe i’ll even go to see them live. I know, I’m a dork. But who cares?? I like who i am! :) what else on TV...Celebreality! the magic show is funny. It has Kid from Kid N Play and he’s funny.

Music...i love the new weezer song. well, i love weezer in general. Loving the latest Foo Fighters a LOT. Wishing for my old Rick Astley cassette from 1989. my old boyfriend Bobby Deets looked like and crushed on Rick Astley. But then he dumped me and settled with a nice guy named Victor :) and then we ALL liked to watch cute boys together.

Speaking of old boyfriends, many years ago i was engaged for a short time to a boy named Ray. He was a nice kid but we were young and i ended up breaking up with him. He was very upset with me and we did not keep in touch. Last week he sent me a MySpace message and it was very nice so i wrote back. The note i got back was even sweeter. He’s grown into such a good guy. He lives with his disabled girlfriend and takes care of her while running his own computer business. He was badly hurt on 9-11-01 and has had a lot of years of pain but finally found peace and love in the arms of his sweetie and lives in Oregon happily. It warmed my heart so much to hear happy words from him. We’ve been sharing stories and it’s nice to have a new friend from the old days.

Feh. Time to go make photocopies. I have to fight for the copier all day with another admin who likes to use it ALL the time :)

PS - Cassidy had her 2 year old portraits done, here is one of the photos:

This child knocks me on my bum. :)

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