Thursday, March 1, 2007

excitement galore!

Oh my my...i am starting..another blog!!!

well, this is going to be fun. really. i have been an Live Journal junkie for 4 years now,

but that's a 'friends only blah blah blah' place and i really feel like talking somewhere like this as well.

I've been the NiftyWench since 1993, when Karin Weiner and I were hanging out at a Kinko's with cute punk rock boys that taught us how to get free business cards from a machine. one of them was 'Ben Jones - All Around Nifty Guy'. This inspired me and i became 'Jenne Foronjy - All Around Nifty Wench'. the name has traveled with me since then. i shed it for some time because it reminded me of a person i no longer wish to be. But i realized recently i will ALWAYS be the NiftyWench. There is no changing that.

i am healing from round two of Carpal Tunnel release surgery and i promised myself that i would get back to writing at this point. So here i am.

I am a mom, a wife, an artist, a family girl, a friend, a musician.

i am not thin. i am strong. i am mostly happy. "partly happy", like a weather forecast. i am manic depressive. i am smart. i love. i care.

and i really, really love to write. about everything from my adopted home town of Boston to my family life to my job to music and all things pop culture. i hope you'll think to come back and read once in a while.

off to a meeting...please leave a comment to let me know you were here.

The Niftywench,



Meridith said...

I have a blog here as well -- I created it to have a space for more artsy stuff. It's nothing different from anywhere else I've posted, but the entries here are public.

Love you! And I'm happy to see you writing again!

Gina said...

I read. I love. I miss.

ASHMC2 said...

I've been a poker blogger for over a year now and decided that if my poker could help me become a better player than maybe a bipolar blog would help me cope and learn from my illness and others. I started 2 weeks ago.

I have also noticed that most bipolar people are bright and creative.

OK, I'll leave you alone now. Nice start.