Tuesday, March 20, 2007

visit with Dad and Di.

i have returned from my journey to see my father and his family. it was very very very good. My relationship with my father and his wife has been strengthened and it feels great. they have bonded with my daughter as well. they had tears in thier eyes saying goodbye to her. we honestly have become a family again. i know my stepdad, Jack, would be so proud of me. He stressed to me before his death to try and work things out. to forgive and move on. i extended the olive brach in late 2004 and it's gotten better and better. one of the best things about my wedding day was my father being there even though it was very hard for him. but he not only came, he sat with my mother and exchanged memories and pleasantries. he's grown up so much. he is a great Dad to my sisters and i feel he is doing the same for me now. he is also a wonderful Grandpa to Cassidy. i'm so proud of him, and proud to be his daughter. His wife, Diane, is only 9 years older than me an our relationship has gotten better too. We respect each other as mothers and i feel we have formed a real bond as friends now too.

more posting soon. thanks for waiting for me.

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