Thursday, March 29, 2007

prayer for my friends

i draw strength from the Goddess Bast for Protection and pray for my loved ones.

i pray for she and he with problems driving them apart.
that the problems can be fought and the battle won.
I pray for she who struggles so.
the tears that flow.
may they finallydissapate and bring forth peace and joy.
I pray for He who suffers in his heart.
may he see that True Love will conquer alland see that the Perfect Trust is within.
it may be currently hiding, but it exists.
i pray for She who waits paitiently for The News.
I pray the news is the news she wants.
I pray for safe journey for the small visitor.
i pray for They who seek the fix to what ails.
I pray for They who feel the end is near.
I pray for They who think it never gets better.
Goddess Bast, watch over them.
Protect them.Bring the peace that is wanted.
And Needed.
Protect my dear friends.

With Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

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