Thursday, March 29, 2007

Proudest Monkey

my heart beats just waiting for your acknowledgement of my presence and my eyes tear up at the thought that you aren't really there anyway. it was just a simple mistake. a false feeling and i realize that my mind was just playing tricks on me. i reach out with a hand that goes numb from the chill in the air. nothing comes back except a few bits of dust. for a brief moment you grinned at me and then it just fades away. don't go, don't leave i cry. but you do go. you go too far for my reach and the tears come again.

*guitar solo*

highlighting highlighting. words in medical terms that mean absolutley nothing to me."pinch me", she says and highlights another page. her hands are sticky from the odd gell that the boss gave her to keep her fingers sticky when sorting pages. it is called SortQwik and it reeks like old shoes and pomegranates. this cup of coffee is her 2nd of the day and it continues to get colder and colder like the heart of one long gone. what is that strange feeling in my tummy she wonders and hopes it decides to depart soon.

*drum beat*

store 24 you treat me weekly to a cup of coffee after a week of purchasing my morning cup from you daily. is this a reward for my loyalty to your cheaper priced coffee instead of the Good Old Double D? the coworkers thrive on Dunkin Donuts and Starfucks but you reward me with that free cup every week. Therefore i am forever your bitch, Store 24.

*rockin' tambourine*

Ted Leo. Theodore Leo and his band of Pharmacists. They are not pharmacists, but musicians. The cd Hearts of Oak has been a constant source of sanity for me. Ted speaks the words that make me feel better. Ted was born the same day as my brother and my boyfriend. Ted sings the truth. Ted writes songs that make me think and dance. Ted wrote a song about Boston and all its Bridges and Squares. Ted exists. This makes me happy.

*soothing vocals*

Silverchair is a band you should try if you have not already.

*drum again*

now i will retreat back into my brain.

For I am the Proudest Monkey.

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