Monday, March 31, 2008


I feel good. HAH! (James brown-esque yell)

I feel like a fog has lifted. Even with the bleary dreary weather i can feel sun on my face. Clouds are disappearing. Smiles appear easily. My future is feeling clearer and filled with more hope than i have had in a long time. This was a good decision, so far :)
Just to clarify, i am not completely off medicines. I was instructed to continue on wellbutrin and so far, so good. I really feel great.

I’d feel even BETTER if Cassidy had had a better night last night. She went to sleep around 8 (8!!) And woke up once at 11 but went back to sleep. Then at around 3 she woke up and wanted to go into the living room, wanted juice and for me to cuddle with her on the couch. Not Daddy, who has off work today!! Nope. Ma-Ma! And she fell back to sleep at 5:30, when i usually wake up. *YAWWWWN* but at the same time, I’m glad due to the CPAP i get much better sleep now and can handle a day with 3 hours of sleep. I am doing fine today. I had some coffee and eggies and yogurt for breakfast.

The diabetes update is: we are UNDER CONTROL!!!! The insulin change is helping me so much. It’s the same amount as i took while pregnant. I have not had a bad reading since the weekend. I have had a few low readings but i have been able to fix that easily. One Day at a Time. (I wish that Pat Harrington as Schneider would be our buildings Super!) The PCP i see wanted me to either try Weight Watchers to help with my weight loss but also referred me to a weight management clinic. I’m not sure which path to take but i am glad I’ve got a doctor who understands what i want and is not just saying ‘get more exercise!’ ‘Eat less!’ but actually giving me advice that feels helpful.

Now i have to type up minutes for a meeting tomorrow morning. I like the minutes. I feel like I’m in some sort of club.

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