Monday, March 31, 2008

A favorite Memory

i think it was the summer of 2000.

I went to see a concert with my siblings Billy, Patrice and Colleen. all four of us loved taking each other to see our fave music and make each other fans if possible. It was a Red Hot Chili Peppers show, but we were going mainly to see Stone Temple Pilots, Colleen's favorite band. Fishbone was the first act and it was SO great to see them! the show was great, but it was after the show that sticks in my mind. The ampitheater, Jones Beach, was right on the water. a full moon was above. Colleen had a single ticket in the front, and Bill, Tree and I were in the back, waiting for her to meet us. they began to play the Nirvana UNplugged version of 'Where did you sleep last night', and th three of us began singing it together. Patrice has a voice that knocks people on thier ass, as does Billy. we sang our hearts out. people were stopping and watching, some joined in. the three of us hugged as we sang and when the song ended, there was around 100 people there yelling and clapping. it was such a warm feeling to share with my sibs and the random people...

Earlier that night, Bill and Patrice performed Pearl Jam's 'Porch' at the tailgate in the parking lot (yes, tailgates for concerts = a family tradition) and the pain that my sister was going through at that time really shone through, by the end all of us were in tears but it really helped her a lot.

i like writing about memories. i think i'll do this more.

i'd just like to say that i miss Bill so much right now. i wanted to send him the photo of David Ortiz and Reggie Jackson, where Papi is holding Reggie and i wanted to make a baloon from Reggie saying "I must kill...the Queen!" and the caption would say "Big Papi saves The Queen" or something silly like that because seeing Reggie always reminds me of The Naked Gun (Enrico Pallazo!)..well, that and the Reggie candy bar we used to buy off the ice cream truck.

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