Monday, March 31, 2008

the hardest day ever. 12.17.2007

I spoke to everyone i had to and i can let you all know what has happened. i don't think i have ever truly felt my heart break until this morning. My best buddy. my first friend. my awesome, beautiiful brother, Bill Foronjy, died this moring. i have never felt so empty. i can't even begin to comprrhend this. how the fuck can he be gone??? why. why WHY the fuck is he gone. i an so andry. i don't know how to deal. he died on his wife's birthday. and that's all i can say right now. thank you all for your concern and love. i will talk more soon.

"And the world so hard to understand id the world you can't live without" - his favorite quote ever (B. Corgan)

i can't believe you're gone. my bippy.

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