Monday, March 31, 2008

The State Of The Jenne - 3.17.08

The smile that keeps me going every day!

Nothing to fear nothing to hide..that is what my journal says to me everyday.

Lift me up from the bottom EVERYDAY.

Things are weird. My body is fighting against me like crazy. One part says one thing and the other says no and the meds all stopped working properly. But these things are not what is bothering me. So many people I love are sad and in pain and hurting and I feel so helpless. I wish I could do *something* and it kills me inside. All the therapy in the world could not make that go away. I just wish P could find peace. I even don't know how to write in here properly any more. Sometimes I don't want to bother anyone. Sometimes I feel almost like I can't write in a journal, even if it was just me because when the words come out I am afraid of them. I don't worry about what others think. It's more my own mind. I *can* tell the therapist but I'm not ready to write.
And sometimes when I feel sad for myself, I watch Home Makeover and see the family with a broken trailer and a sick baby and say holy SHIT. I have it so damn good. My husband is a decent, loving man who takes care of us. My daughter is healthy and happy and smart and funny. I'm still here. My car works ok. My home is cluttered but happy and filled with love.
Doctors are still fighting over what meds to give me. I said 'how about none??" and they LAUGHED. Silly bitches!!!

It looks like I am going to be working on losing weight. But half the meds I have been on cause weight gain. It's at the point now where we have to decide what to tackle, and it looks like this: Blood sugar and weight loss are #1. so that is what we will work on. No more lithium for now. the pdoc and therapist will keep tabs on it, and I will be filling out a Mood Chart every day, along with the diabetes chart. I am a CHARTIN FOOL!!!!

It's going to be ok. Because it HAS TO BE OK.

So there's the current contents of my mind. Thank you for reading about me.

Love, your pal,

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